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By CSG Justice Center Staff

Photo of Haley GeorgeHaley George’s (right) family life has taught her a lot over the last 12 years.

When she was 16, she learned about the value of hard work after landing a job at her father’s business.

When she was 18, she learned about the power of grief after losing her mother to cancer.

Throughout her early 20s, she learned about the power of addiction and how lonely the inside of a jail cell can be because she was using and dealing drugs with her then-boyfriend and father of her children.

In her mid-20s, she learned about heartbreak, knowing that her father was spending Thanksgiving and Christmas alone while she sat in jail again.

Then, when she was 28, she learned how much joy can come from buying cake and balloons for a four-year-old when you’re celebrating your son’s birthday with him for the first time. That was also the year she learned that sometimes family is more than just the people you’re related to.

“I have a work family now; I never thought I’d have that,” George said. “We treat each other with respect and love. That’s family to me.”

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